Wol Arkhipov

There is a story that i was born.
There is a story that i had studied.
There is a story that my name is Wol.
I am a dance teacher - there is the story.

I'm moving, listening and telling stories.


Short official-sounding story

Wol Arkhipov is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, movement coach.

In 2004 he graduated from Faculty of Choreography of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts where he studied in class of ballerina Elena Ryabinkina. Since 1999 he leads dance classes and movement workshops for his students in Russia. During this workshops he concentrates on psychological, physiological and philosophical aspects of movement and dance so as on artistic aspects. He works with professional dancers, artists and others who want to explore and to share  movement&dance experience for best understanding life/art process.

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